Nova Noir I
Nova Noir I, 2014
Nova Noir II
Nova Noir II, 2014
Nova Noir III
Nova Noir III, 2014
Nova Noir IV
Nova Noir IV, 2014
Nova Noir V
Nova Noir V, 2014
Nova Noir VII
Nova Noir VII, 2014

Nova Noir

»Nova Noir« means ‘black star’ and is inspired by the monumental, biblical phrase of Genesis 3:19: “for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return” also known of the English burial service: “earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust”. The photos show soil of former Bavarian battlefields which I took from the fields of the photoseries »At the battlefield«. On this soil many people fought for their lives. Blood shed upon this ground, turning life into dust and earth.

I took the soil from the battlefields and photographed it in a studio through a pipe. The interplay of light and shadow create the suggestion of celestial bodies. Each image depict a life stage of a star until it burns out and collapses. This collapsing process links to both the series »C6« and »Black holes«.  Carbon (C6) as well as a black hole are formed wenn a large star, a supernova, implodes at its life end.