Moni, C6
Moni, C6, 2014
Stefan, C6
Stefan, C6, 2013
Eve, C6
Eve, C6, 2013
Albert, C6
Albert, C6, 2014
Susi, C6
Susi, C6, 2013

C6 (Carbon)

»C6« stands for the chemical element carbon (periodic symbol C and atomic number 6). Carbon is present in all known life forms, in the human body it is the second most abundant element by mass (about 18.5%). Carbon also has a unique ability to bond with other elements. This ability makes it actually the principal basis of life as we know it on earth. No matter age or descent, the carbon atoms in our human body connects us - not just to all other human beings, but to every living organism on our planet. Carbon flows, from our bodies into the atmosphere, into nature and back into our bodies. And not just that. Interestingly carbon itself was produced originally in stars. Inside the stars we see shining at night, hydrogen is converted into helium, which makes a star glowing. When the hydrogen supply has run out, helium fuses into carbon. Depending on the size of the star, it will collapse and leave a black core behind or it explodes as a super nova, throwing a large cloud of dust and gas into the universe. A universe in which all matter connects.  From dust to dust, atom to atom, body to body. The photo serie »C6« shows this connection. The photos are intimate recordings of human backs in which the birth-marks are encircled and connected by an overlying vector graphic. The connected lines and circles form constellations, symbolizing the relation between us humans and the universe in which we live.